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On Course Playing Lesson with Jeff Kelly

Are you one of those golfers that does great on the range but can't ever seem to take it to the golf course when it counts the most? These playing lessons with the pros are exactly what you need to help keep your game on track throughout the round.
Throughout the 9-holes, you will receive insight on how to approach a golf round and maintain your focus on every shot. Golf is played on the course so learning how to take the good shots we hit on the range and apply them in real life is critical to every golfers score.
This is an on course playing lesson which will help you with course management as well as stroke management. Play 9 holes alongside a PGA Professional and get a better understanding of how to get the most out of your rounds on the course.
We will talk about pre-shot routines, assessing strategies for success and avoiding those huge blowup holes that come along and derail our rounds.